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  • [My son's street worker] kept him on track by following up with his job search until he was employed. Because of her persistence he gained the opportunity to work with power-core which helped him get a job with the Philadelphia Sanitation Department. He would have never had this opportunity without her help.

    ~Mother of a YVRP Participant

  • “It’s just real. They speak to me. Everything thing that I’ve done, they hit on. I never had a job or a diploma. I am learning things that I never knew. This is a second chance and I am taking full advantage of it.”

    ~ Job Readiness Program Participant

  • [My YVRP Parole Officer’s] the one who actually moved me to get to UPS. I’m the type of person, I’m shy. I can’t actually go up there and ask them personally myself for a job. So she had my street worker drive me up there and they got me the job.

    ~YVRP Participant

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