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April Marks PAAN’s 27th Year of Service

This month the Philadelphia Anti-drug/Anti-violence Network celebrates 27 years of service to our youth, families, and Philadelphia’s communities.

Take a look back at our rich history and some of the great leaders who started this agency. Below are also a few reflections we think are worth sharing.

We look forward to serving our young people in a greater and more effective way in the coming years. We salute all of our amazing street workers, counselors, mentors, staff members, and faithful partners who make the impossible, possible day in and day out.

Happy Anniversary!


We moved to North Philly when he was 6, he is 15 now. He’s been bullied since he was 6 years old.  That changes a person.  He felt like he had to put on this mask to be something that he wasn’t.  This program really gave him a second chance.  The Juvenile Justice System would not have been good for him because he just wasn’t equipped for that lifestyle. He just didn’t realize it yet. So by him being here I’ve seen him flourish into his own person and he so proud of who he is now.” – Mother of IPS youth partner who successfully completed our Police Diversion Program


It’s just real. They speak to me. Everything thing that I’ve done, they hit on. I never had a job or a diploma. I am learning things that I never knew. This is a second chance and I am taking full advantage of it.” – YVRP Youth Partner


They see everything; death, violence, destruction…drugs. They are knowledgeable about it, they can articulate it better than most of us can. So that is our challenge; to help them turn something negative into something positive.” – PAAN Street Worker Sam White pictured with Donna Walsh who has been a part of PAAN since the beginning.


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