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PAAN Shoots PSA For Police Diversion Program

PSA-Shoot-32PAAN recently teamed up with the Philadelphia Police Department to produce a public service announcement for our highly successful Police Diversion program.

The program, developed by Deputy Commissioner Kevin Bethel, gives young people who have been arrested in school the chance to avoid criminal charges and a criminal record after successfully completing various education and enrichment programs designed to help them work through their issues.   The program has a 75 percent success rate, according to Deputy Commissioner Bethel.

WATCH PSA: “A Second Chance to Do the Right Thing”

“We recognized that there were a large number of children being arrested in our schools. We deal with the problems that got them into trouble in the first place. It’s a second chance at doing things right; a second chance at making better choices. If we can do that then we can make our kids future brighter,” said Commissioner Bethel.

The public service announcement was filmed at the Martin Luther King Center in North Philadelphia. It currently plays before each major motion picture at the Pearl Theatre on Broad Street.

PAAN is one of six agencies that partner with the program.