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036bbWATCH our PAAN videos here, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

WATCH as PAAN’s Damian Padilla, East District Supervisor for the Youth Violence Reduction Partnership, shares his story of survival with local teens after he was gunned down and severely injured. He has taken his personal story to several local schools and organizations to help save our youth.

PAAN Webisode Series: “Brotherhood”

Our new video series “Brotherhood” highlights the real-life situations that our youth partners in the Youth Violence Reduction Partnership have experienced. PAAN Youth Partner, Rodney, developed and produced the 5-part series. He along with a team of actors reenact various dilemmas he’s  faced while searching for employment, balancing home life, interacting with law enforcement, and starting over after a conviction. The short videos also show you how our staff works to help our youth partners reclaim their lives.

Black Crown: Our Youth Partners In Their Own Words

Black Crown docudrama is an honest look at how teenagers feel about violence, drugs, policing, self responsibility and conflict resolution. The short film was written and produced by our Youth Partners in the Intensive Prevention Services Program of the Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network.  As you’ll see this project comes from the heart and is spoken in their own words based off of real life experiences. The film was directed by Vernon K.  Ruffin Jr. for PAAN TV and The Ruffin Vision Network.

PAAN Jam 2015

Get ready for PAAN Jam 2015! It’s the kick-off to a phenomenal school year and a celebration of our talented youth! Join us on Wednesday, August 26th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Pearl Theatre for PAAN JAM 2015!! Free fun, giveaways, & much more.  Click here for all the details: http://bit.ly/1T6ZQzH

VIDEO: Watch our adorable Jasir at work for the official announcement!

Up Close and Personal: Job Readiness Program

This mini-doc explores participants of the Youth Violence Reduction Partnership Job Readiness Program. Watch as two effective but unique facilitators help young adults on parole and/or probation in Philadelphia work toward self-improvement and find employment.

**Produced by The Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network, Youth Violence Reduction Partnership (YVRP) and The Ruffin Vision Network. **Directed by KeithFromUpDaBlock.

“A Second Chance to Do the Right Thing”

PAAN recently teamed up with the Philadelphia Police Department for a public service announcement for our highly successful Police Diversion program.


A Sober Message About Underage Drinking

With prom season just around the corner our youth partners have an important message for teens planning to get behind the wheel on the big night.

A Mission to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

At least 82 percent of teen pregnancies are unintended.  Researchers say that abstinence, comprehensive sexuality education, contraceptive access, and youth development programs can help young people make choices that can protect them from unintended pregnancy.

PAAN G.I.F.T. Program

Our G.I.F.T. team joined the United Way of Philadelphia to shine the spotlight on our youth participants.