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Intensive Prevention Services (IPS)

Intensive Prevention Services (IPS) program at the Philadelphia Anti-drug/Anti-violence Network is an early intervention program for boys and girls ages 10 to 17 years old who exhibit high-risk or at-risk behaviors.

Our team of care managers, counselors and site base staff work with our youth partners and their families to prevent truancy, to steer participants away from delinquency, and improve school performance.

We also help family relationships through individual and family counseling and constructive after school positive youth development and parent engagement activities. The site-based program, combined with family counseling, aims to build upon our youth partner’s resiliency and self-worth for positive transformation as well as preserve and strengthen families.

The components of our program which aid in our youth partners’ success include:

  • Academic support and referrals as needed
  • Social and emotional competency building
  • Mentoring
  • Recreation
  • Work ready programming
  • Community service

We make school visits to determine what support each youth partner requires to improve school performance and to work with parents or guardians to help solve issues that might be causing truancy or delinquent behavior.

Referrals for the program come from several PAAN partners including: parents, The Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Service Center, Philadelphia Family Courts’ Prevention Services Unit, The Philadelphia Department of Human Services, The District Attorney’s Youth Aid Panels, The Philadelphia Police School Diversion Program and other agencies.

Intensive Prevention Services (IPS)