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West Philly Activist Brings “Fight Hate With Love” Campaign to PAAN

A West Philadelphia anti-prison activist will bring his ground-breaking campaign to the Philadelphia Anti-drug/Anti-violence Network in an effort to help our youth partners stay out of prison…and it’s all in the name of love.

Michael “OG – LAW” Ta’Bon will share is his “Fight Hate With Love” message with our staff and youth partners in our Intensive Prevention Services department within the next few weeks. Ta’Bon will use his penal experience, music, and other forms of art to teach our youth how to use love effectively to make better decisions. He will also show how every negative decision you make builds a bar on a prison designed to ultimately lock you in, according to PAAN Executive Director Robert Brown.

“He turned his passion into a production that is transformative. He will teach our kids develop the cognitive behavior skills necessary to avoid prison and to manage conflict in their lives. We need to change in order to stay on top of what’s going on in today’s world.  We have to stay relevant to reach our youth and I believe this is a powerful way to do it,” Brown said.

Fight hate with loveAccording to Mediastorm, “Ta’Bon had been in the prison system since he was 16 years old creating a mentality that made incarceration feel inescapable and seen as an inherited destiny. It was during his time behind bars that he realized his true destiny.” Since 2000, he has traveled across the country in an orange prison jumpsuit and confined himself inside a makeshift jail cell which replicates the actual state American jail cells in an effort to provide youth with a glimpse of living conditions in order to deter them from crime.

“I’m just a regular dude that can rap, that can sing…I spent most of my life in prison, years that was of value. God kept me vigorous but he told me to do a thing…love.  [He said] you want to stay out here? You want to enjoy life? You want to have a chance at something? Then you go out there and wear this dumb [sic] jail suit while you’re at it,” Ta’Bon shares in his latest documentary. “I am fighting hate with love and I intend to win.”

Take a look at Ta’Bon’s latest “Fight Hate With Love” music video and the trailer of his documentary below.



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